Accuracy issues with UNQ_C2, UNQ_C7, and UNQ_C8

  1. Getting the accuracy 0.8889 for UNQ_C2
  2. Failing one test case for UNQ_C7, thus getting the accuracy 0.9528 for UNQ_C8.

Please help in resolving these issues

My Lab ID is : czngzuzjxisr

Please elaborate on the test case that you failed in UNQ_C7 with additional details if required for our better understanding.

Facing the same issues as @2303C_50035_SURABHI. The test case incorrect is Wrong values for pred list.
Expected: [‘PRP’, ‘MD’, ‘RB’, ‘VB’, ‘PRP’, ‘RB’, ‘IN’, ‘PRP’, ‘.’, ‘–s–’].
Got: [‘PRP’, ‘MD’, ‘RB’, ‘VB’, ‘PRP’, ‘RB’, ‘IN’, ‘PRP’, None, ‘#’].
3 Tests passed
1 Tests failed