Additional Learning Material for Week 3

Dear Instructors,
Is there any additional material you could provide to better understand Course 1 , Week 3 , Shallow Neural Networks

Welcome @spsufi! Before going on to additional sources, I would first make complete use of the lecture videos. Certainly it helps to view each video from beginning to end, but that (in my experience!) is far from an efficient use of them. I would re-watch each, and take notes along the way. Be prepared to stop the video in numerous places so that you can keep up with the derivations. When you get stuck (i.e. you have scribbled, erased, scribbled some more, etc), you can then turn to Discourse for help–because you now you know what to ask for. As you gain experience, you might find “Deep Learning” (MIT Press, 2016) by Ian Goodfellow, et al, to be a useful companion to the specialization.