Lecture videos with research papers

Hi, Staff:
I have reached week 4 of this course in this specialization and I think this is the best course so far. Studying side by side with state of art research papers was the best thing this course has presented. It solidified my understanding of all the topics covered in the lecture. As a beginner, it is intimidating to find important research papers to read along with the course which is useful among the plethora of papers out there. But thanks to the course instructor of this course to make t easier for us, I wish the same methods were adopted in the previous course of this specialization then It would have been fun and exciting to take the course . Let me know if any such reference for research paper was given in the resource section.



Great suggestion!

I also found that studying alongside state-of-the-art research papers was an excellent way to understand the story behind deep learning - where it’s been and where it’s at right now.

It feels much more exciting to learn something when you have a sense of timeline than to learn random, undated concepts that don’t fit into a story line.

I will post your suggestion on Gitissue right away so that future learners may benefit from your insight. :brain: