Advice on how to get through the labs

Week#2 Optional lab #3 feature scaling and learning rate
Hello every, Im currently taking this course and am learning so much.
To give some context, I am someone with zero coding knowledge and am learning the basics of python throughout the labs
I have a question regarding the labs, sometimes It takes me a really long time to learn the specific function of every line of code, even basic code such as plotting and what not.

I have committed myself to understanding every line of code that deals with applying the concepts such as making the function for gradient descent and applying it.

My Question is, would you guys advise me to skim through the parts of the lab related to plotting the data and focus on the other stuff or is memorizing the syntax for plotting data really that important?

Thanks in advance


There is another option.

I recommend you pause working on this course, and attend a Python tutorial course immediately.

Then come back to this course once you are more familiar with programming, so that you can focus on the machine learning instruction.


Are there any courses you would recommend?

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YouTube is full of them. Look for tutorials from channels that have a large subscriber count.

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Hello @mohammed_alrabiah,

Yes, I would if I were you.

The lab is supposed to demo ML concepts, so visualization is heavily used, but it does not mean that it is the right time for us to learn visualization code too. Instead, now is the time to learn ML concepts and algorithms, and to learn code implementation of those algorithms.

IMHO, the right time to learn visualization code will be when you need to implement it, or when taking a visualization course.