Hi, I don't understand the all the code

I have background in JS and NodeJS but NumPy and Matplot is something else.
I did the practice lab just fine and had no issues doing them but still I do the math just like been shown in the exercise, but I still don’t understand.
Should I keep going and then things will be clear with time because I know I can’t understand everything at the beginning?

Thanks for letting me have the three courses I audit them separately so I can watch them I couldn’t afford buying them thanks​:blush:

Hello @Mosaab_EL_Bouamrani,

These courses use Numpy and Matplotlib but don’t really teach them every step of the way, so the best chance would be to find and study other materials.

For Maths, I would suggest you to review the lectures.

This is more a personal learning style. I found it helpful when I could finally build up connections to the part which I hadn’t understood.

However, these courses do not often review contents of previous lectures, because there are already too many interesting new stuff to talk about in each video.

So, do you have some plans? Are you like going to go over the courses more than one time so that, in the second pass, you can clear up what you didn’t get in the first pass?


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