Problems in labs

I am new to ML. I have watched the videos but when it comes to labs i am unable to understand what is going on. And also having difficulty in understanding maths. So can anyone help me with this.

Hey @Abdullah_Ahmad,
There are 3 components to understanding labs, as I see, theory, maths and programming. You will find that the lecture videos cover the theory + math in great detail, and if you are facing issue with that, then my first suggestion would be to watch the lecture videos once again, and ask your queries, so that we can help you out.

Coming to the 3rd component, i.e., programming, if you are new to programming and/or Python, then may I recommend taking an introductory course on Python from anywhere you would like, for instance, Coursera, Youtube, freeCodeCamp, etc. And if you are comfortable with Python, but are facing a lack of familiarity with the packages used in the labs, then the tutorials provides by these packages are a great way to start. For more information about that, do check this thread out.

You can also find some great resources here, so do check this thread out as well. Let us know if this helps.