Difficulty in understanding the courses


I’ve started this ML specialization and am almost finished with week 2 of course 1. The problem is, I feel like machine learning might not be suitable for me because of the amount of math I’ve encountered so far. Maths isn’t something I’m good at, even in school. And I’m also struggling to understand the concepts which I think is related to understanding the maths. I have some pretty basic knowledge of Python, which hasn’t been giving me much trouble in the labs.

Is it compulsory to understand all the math behind each concept?

What’s your advice in general?

Thank you.

Hello @Muhammad_Adam,

Usually you don’t need the maths to use developed Machine Learning tools, however, knowing the maths gives you a perspective to understand what is going on.

For better understanding, can you share screenshots of one to two situations where the maths is difficult to you?