Difficulty in understanding some concepts

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of finishing the first course in the specialization.
I understood the content but to be honest I find it really difficult to imagine some concepts.
When the professor described the ideas, I understood them (but on a superficial level)
how can I get a deeper understanding to tackle any problem?

I believe I lack some mathematical concepts, but I don’t know where to start.
If someone faced or is facing the same issue and found a solution or is in the process of feeling that they comprehend the concepts deeply please assist me.

Thank you in advance!

‘Applying’ the taught concepts makes a huge difference., if there is no time-crunch. There is an excellent Mentor support system here., who can understand stuck-up points while implementing programatically too. Do use this support system.

Python or any language you are comfortable should create deeper and impactful understanding.
I drew diagrams of Neural networks with small number of nodes so that a drawing of the flow of information and different operations became easy.

If Math concepts are the problem…you can refer Matrix multiplication basics, types of regression online resources which can explain simplistically. (with diagrams)


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Thank you very much @tennis_geek , I will try to find some explanations with diagrams that definitely would help!

If someone knows a book (or any resource) that applies machine learning algorithms with small data “manually” depending on the mathematical equations introduced in the course, I would be thankful!

Hi @sehamz ,

A newly published specialization: Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data Science is beginner friendly. This specialization is designed to complement the Machine Learning courses with all the maths, statistics etc.


Thank you @Kic for your suggestion, I appreciate it!