Hey there! I'm a newbie into the world of Machine Learning

Still trying to figure things out here, but I hope I can learn great things from the course and from the people here as well.
I’m new into this course but I wonder If I need to know python and a lot of math beforehand or not. Wish me luck!

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You need some python programming skills.

You only need enough math to understand multiplying matrices and vectors, and some basic statistics.

Other math concepts are explained during the course.


Oh alright! I’ll work on those. Thanks for the reply.

Good luck, @Mohsin_Javaid!


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Thanks a lot!!

There is a Math for Machine Learning Specialization too. I did this course first. It’s not necessary but it’s useful if you want deeper insight into the underlying math.

Alternatively, every now and then I also looked outside of the Coursera topics for the same ideas on Khan Academy and 3Blue1Brown and elsewhere. Sometimes I’d find that a different way of explaining the concepts would help.