Hey everyone, Biotech undergrad here

Ayman here, 1st year Btech Biotechnology undergrad in Delhi.
I didn’t have Math or CS in year 11 and 12 so I barely know Python, Matrices etc.
It’s going to be a challenge doing the DL course I know but I’m commited to making it work.

Would love to join a discord server or something with you guys, let me know if there is one.

I recommend you start with the Machine Learning Specialization, it will help you brush-up your Python and matrix skills.

yeah I did some research and that’s the conclusion I arrived at, should I also check out the “mathematics for machine learning” course or will the ML course cover that.

The MLS course really covers the basics. But it doesn’t derive any of the theoretical equations behind the numerical methods. It discusses what’s needed, presents the equations, and covers how to apply them, and has lots of practical labs. That’s sufficient for actually doing machine learning work.

If you want the numerical theory, the Math for Machine Learning course covers that. But I hesitate to recommend that everyone attend it, because I feel a lot of the material is not directly related to machine learning. So it can be heavy going with little applicable benefit. It’s long on math and goes deep into statistics, but is short on “machine learning”.