Best suggestion after completion of the Part 1 of the MLS course

Can any one guide me , about what should I do next ? I recently finished the part 1 of the MLS course on 31st Dec ? And can anyone mention books/resources/material for learning the essential maths for ML which will come handy in future.
Also can you mention some good reference books/resources/material with this course I can follow for Machine Learning/Deep Learning.

Hi Nilesh,
O’Reilly has a great number of books about machine learning and deep learning for various levels and career paths (from academic to business):

  • Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, 2nd Edition

  • Essential Math for AI

For Fundamental Deep Learning, I find this book great to start with

  • Deep Learning with Python by François Chollet

If you want to practice developing Machine Learning models or projects, Kaggle is an excellent place to start and find valuable datasets. You can also participate in competitions to improve your skills.

Good luck!


Thanks @Th_o_Vy_Le_Nguy_n
Can you please provide any online resources for these ?

O’Reily has 10 day trials that you can access their entire library. They sometimes give away newly published books, so it’s good to revisit their page from time to time.

Kaggle also has open-source courses that teach you how to develop machine-learning models and publish them.

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