Guidance regarding Machine Learning Course

I am nearing completion of the mathematics for machine learning specialization, and I am eager to enroll in the machine learning specialization. Having been introduced to the basics of Python, including conditional statements, loops, and functions, and having gained some familiarity with NumPy in the Maths for ML specialization, I am seeking guidance on the prerequisite libraries to learn before starting MLS. Additionally, I’d like to know which libraries will be covered in the specialization. Any additional tips you can provide to help me make the most of the ML specialization would be highly appreciated.
Thank you!

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@Vishwajeet_Kale My humble opinion only. A knowledge on NumPy, Matplotlib and Tensorflow Would be a great starting point. Hope that help. Cheers

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Don’t I need to learn pandas, scikit learn, seaborn, etc. for this specialization?

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@Vishwajeet_Kale Yes, that definitely help a lot too. But not really a show stopper. I just picked it along the way.:blush:


The necessary tools are introduced in the MLS course. You do not need any specialized pre-study other than some elementary skills at Python programming. It seems you have achieved this already.