Problems in coding

Hello Everyone,
I have taken this course recently and completed the week 1 almost but I am struggling with coding part. There many python functions used which i am not getting. Can you help

You should have to take a basic Python course first. Familiarity with Python is the prerequisite of this course.

Can you please suggest any course
how much portion of python i should complete before doing this course

Just watch any python crash course video which can explain basic is enough, I suggest you to watch this video:
Tech with Tim Python in 75 min

and I would suggest you to watch these tutorial on Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib as well in order to understand the coding part bcauz these are important topics and they are used in the coding part as well:-

Numpy Tutorial by Freecodecamp

Pandas by Keith Galli

Matplotlib bye Freecodecamp

These are just the basics and you don’t need to do anything else in order to understand it and I also followed only this much and I can understand the coding part very well…And you can take help of ChatGPT and Bard as well if you are unable to understand anything in the code…

If you are just the beginner in ML do watch this video it will help you:-

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