Regarding Coding

I have completed the first course and I’m Clear with all the math work which has been taught in 1st course but I can’t able to work with coding ,what I want to do since there is no instruction video for coding

The course assumes you already have at least fundamental Python coding skills.

I recommend you take a Python introduction course (you can find many online for free), then come back to the specialization later.

Can you tell me the roadmap to cover till deep learning and what all are the things I need to know when I complete

After you understand Python coding fundamentals,

  • then complete the Machine Learning Specialization.
  • then complete the Deep Learning Specialization.

Then you will be able to take other courses in your specific area of interest (such as like Natural Language Processing, General Adversarial Networks, or machine learning system deployment.

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Thank You :blush: :blush:

if it is an assumption, it should be listed as such in the course info…and it is not.

Hello @Scott_Jobe,

Just in case it is helpful to share:

You may find the full list of Q&As here.

Having said that the basics are required, I have always heard ambitous learners who want to understand every bit of the codes they see on the notebook, even though it is totally beyond the requirement of passing the assignment. In these cases, it will really be the learners’ own adventures driven by their own curiosity and perseverance.

For example, some labs have codes to show visualization, and the whole purpose is just to demonstrate ideas to the learners, and learners don’t need to read the code that produces the visualization. Moreover, no quiz nor assignment will ever require learners to write visualization code. However, oftentime, learners want to learn those skills too, and this is when they will need to refer to other resources.