Will the course teach how to code?

i am in Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification week 2
am i supposed to learn how to write the optional labs code
and will the course (or next in the specialization ) teach how to write jupyter notebooks code or i should learn it by myself ?

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1- mostly labs contains the implementation of the week’s theory.
2- in future labs you will be implementing the basic ML theory and in deep learning you will be introduced to tensorflow.
3- you can increase your tensorflow knowledge by taking tf specialisations.
4-as far as basic python and jupyter notebook knowledge is concerned, you can learn that in just a 3-4 days from the web.

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thanks , so should i learn how to write the optional labs code while watching the course from another source ?

The course will tech you the concepts and how you can implement that concepts in code rather than basic programming skills.

If you don’t have foundation python knowledge, I’d suggest you first should learn that.


i learned python all python basics including classes , but the course dont seem programming oriented , i think its math oriented

Yes, they are theory based courses. Not code-first courses.

You may check out courses from Zero To Mastery if you preferred code-first.

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The courses assume you are have some essential Python programming skills.

If you don’t, I recommend you take an introductory programming course first.


learn coding python only 3-4 days??? how

@ahmadtsu Dude the math that goes behind the ML is equally as important as the code. For code implementation always refer to the web and articles because it is not possible for the sir to teach everything in one course.

Self learning is the best learning :innocent:

Let’s be less dependent on mentors and we should start exploring the concepts in deep on our own :grinning:

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thanks !
that was useful

i first learn python using the book -“Learning python the hard way”. and I was able to complete it within a week.

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