Advice on Libraries for 2D to 3D Product Renderings from Brochures

Hello everyone,

I’m currently exploring the possibility of developing a system that can automatically render 3D models of products from 2D images found in brochures. The goal is to create a scalable solution where the starting point is a limited set of 2D images, potentially with dimensions provided.

Given the nature of the project, I’m looking for recommendations on the best libraries or frameworks to use. The key criteria are:

  • Ability to handle 2D to 3D conversion with minimal images.
  • Support for integrating dimensions to ensure the models are to scale.
  • Quality of the 3D model output, considering the limited data input.
While I am open to exploring tools across different programming languages, my primary criterion is to utilize libraries that are widely adopted. This preference is driven by the need for robust support and the ease of finding solutions to potential challenges that may arise during development.

Your insights or suggestions on libraries that excel in such applications would be *immensely* valuable.

Thank you for your time and assistance!
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