After course opportunities

Hi all, does finalizing GenAI for real-world application course open up career opportunities? And where to apply? Would you recommend smth?

Hi @Tsutskiridze

Finalizing a course in Generative AI can open career doors in research, product development, and creative industries. But it of course depends on your previous background. If you are graduated (or significant work experience) in COmputer Science, for example, then you have much higher chances, than just completing a GenAI course. Companies like Google, NVIDIA, and startups are often on the lookout for AI specialists. Building a portfolio and staying updated with current research are crucial. Networking, especially at AI conferences and online communities, can further enhance opportunities. Given the power of generative models, understanding their ethical use is also essential.

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Hi @Tsutskiridze

in addition to @carloshvp‘s great advice:

I am convinced it’s all about the right use case. Often when people see some first positive results on their use case, my experience is that suddenly plenty of potential ways to improve your solution pop up. So I believe practicing is key as well as demonstrating your skills in real projects.

On this note Kaggle is a great way to solve real world problems. In addition feel free to check out this thread: Career Counseling on AI: Guidance and Roadmap from Experts - #3 by Christian_Simonis

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