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I am new to AI field. took AI for Everyone course from coursera. But still not clear how all that is done technically means via programming etc. Can anybody help me on that. Means what happens when training a model. and What is a model exactly etc.

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Try taking the Machine Learning and Deep Learning Specializations. You will have a good understanding of AI.

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could you suggest any specific course regarding this

@TestUser, lukmanaj listed the names of the courses.

  • Machine Learning Specialization.
  • Deep Learning Specialization.

They’re both offered on Coursera.

Good evening , on my new knowledge , model is program that is traing by millions , billions of data (data is any information I want model to lean about it) so for model training write text like humen language and interact with questions of people and you can think it is humen not machine ,there is model trained on data (images) so he can recognized on what is in image and named its content and I hope if I could help you with my simple information in this field