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Hi guys,could anyone tell me what is the defference between AI and Machine learning.and i need some advice,how to learn AI/Machine learning from zero​:grin::pray: AI Discussions

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try doing ML specialization, it will answer all your questions.

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Does it teach from zero?and is it free?:sweat_smile:

yes its teaches from zero given you have a basic understanding of programming and mathematics, if not the go for the mathematics first.

Courses are free to audit, only certifications are priced.


Thankyou sm​:pray::pray:

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Before dive into AI courses in coursera, I recommend you to watch some videos on YouTube about Machine Learning with Titanic dataset. At least you will cover most basics, I did it like that. Good luck


Thanks for ur advice,could you please drop some link?:sweat_smile::pray:,there is a lot of videos. Which do u recomend?

Yes, but note that in “audit” mode you will not have access to the assignments. You can only watch the lectures. The lectures are incredibly useful and informative, but you will not learn how to actually build the solutions you are learning about in “audit” mode.


For more I will recommend you to follow on YouTube

  • Rob Mulla
    -Nicholas Renotte
    Also Google everything or keep going with ChatGPT which if there is something you don’t understand about the code or the thing, it will describe you well !

Apply for financial aid application for any Coursera course you want to enroll in. It’ll get approved in 15 days and provide free access to all materials and certificates. Note: In case of specialization, you’ll have to apply for financial aid for each course separately. If needed, Apply for all on the same day as it allows 10 simultaneous financial aid applications pending in your account. So, they all will get approved after 15 days.


AI is the broader concept of creating intelligent systems, while ML is a specific method for achieving intelligence through data and learning algorithms.

This is the answer to the original question. ML is one of several paradigms under the broader AI umbrella. To ‘learn AI’ is a much broader goal than to learn ML, which is a great undertaking in of itself. As already suggested by others, a foundation in the requisite mathematics is a great start.

Hello @Roockie

The difference between AI and Machine learning is shown in the image below.
Artificial Intelligence is a very broad area inwhich Machine Learning is a part.
image is a good platform to learn machine learning from scratch. As @paulinpaloalto rightly said In audit mode you will not get access to labs where actually you can learn to code machine learning projects from scratch.

Few courses to start building your knowledge in Machine learning are

  1. Machine Learning needs few mathematics basics. (Not mandatory but needed)
    Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data Science Specialization

  2. You need knowledge on Python Coding to start machine learning.

  3. Then you can start with Machine learning
    Machine Learning Specialization - DeepLearning.AI
    Hope this helps.

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