Getting started in AI

Hello, I have a 3-month summer break and I’ve decided to utilize it effectively to learn AI. However, I don’t know where to start. Would anyone share a detailed roadmap that includes suggested courses and project ideas? Also, how much can I learn in this period? I have a background in programming (Java and JavaScript) but I’m a beginner in Python

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Unfortunately I do not believe any of the courses here directly teach Python, but if you are experienced and confident in your Java (especially)/JavaScript skills, I believe you should find it very easy to pick up along the way. I would even say Python is actually much easier than Java in many respects.

With that said, do you have any Machine Learning experience beyond say linear/polynomial regression ? If so what models do you know ?

I feel knowing this will provide a better indication of which Specialization you should start with.

Most people start with the ML Specialization… But I already did my ML elsewhere and just completed the Deep Learning Specialization without much problem.


As @Nevermnd suggests, I recommend:

  • Attend a Python introduction course. You need to learn its syntax. Not knowing Python’s syntax rules will cause you much headache. You might be able to do this in parallel.

  • Attend the Machine Learning Specialization. Covers the basics.

  • Attend the Deep Learning Specialization. This covers advanced topics, and sneaks a little bit into language models and generative methods.

You might be able to cover all of this in three months, if you have sufficient focus on the tasks.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I actually have 0 experience in AI. I’m currently starting with the most basic course (Intro to AI) and would take your advice into consideration :slight_smile:

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That’s a good roadmap :). How about mathematics? I’m good at it, but are there any specific topics that I need to be good at in order to excel in AI? And after which stage can I start building simple AI projects?

The Machine Learning Specialization covers the necessary math. It assumes only that you understand basic algebra topics like the equation of a straight line.

All of the courses include practical lab projects.

Alright, it sounds like an excellent and informative course. Thank you so much :slight_smile: