AI Learner ( Begginer ) - Guidance towards learning for the AI world

Good evening today I started learning about AI, I have learned what AI is , what it can and can’t do , I have learned its uses for ML and DS , as well as DL. I want to continue to learn and evolve it. Can you give me a Roadmap to learn and evolve on it?


So, it is a good time to start the MLS from Prof. Ng. That will leverage your understanding into practical usages. After you finished that specialization, better to start DLS next. Later, you will find out by yourself what you want to learn.

Also make sure to check out the mathematical specialization from DeepLearning.AI if you are not sure about your math level.


If I don’t know a programming language can I get a job after a lot of training on AI , or do I have to learn one , and if so which one is better ?

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My plan is →

  1. Python oops
  2. Python Data structures
  3. SQL
  4. Mathematics for machine learning
  5. Pandas,Numpy
  6. Matplotlib, seaborn
  7. EDA
  8. Feature engineering
  9. ML Specialization
  10. Deep-learning Specialization
  11. Tensorflow deployment
  12. Tensorflow professional certificate
  13. NLP specialization
  14. Tensorflow advanced specialization
  15. GAN
  16. Generative AI
  17. MLops

then choose the field you are most interested in to deep dive like nlp,CV,reinforcement learning, etc etc its endless learning


Thanks for the help, but what courses did you take to achieve this?
any coursera courses that you recommend?

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First thing is to enroll in an introduction to Python programming course.

After you understand the basics of Python, then I recommend you enroll in the Machine Learning Specialization.


I took help from various resources, like

  1. courses for ml,deeplearning and tensorflow related courses,
  2. for Python and SQL I referred YouTube and gfg,
  3. for EDA and feature engineering I followed Krish Nayak,
  4. for stats if followed Statquest and mathematics courses.

I hope I am not breaking any community guidelines by talking about external sources. If I do please let me know.