AI for medical diagnosis C1 W1 Assignment

Hello everyone. I am new here and this is my first post. I have almost one year that i am not doing well only with C1_W1_assignment because i dont understand what i really have to do,where to write the code,what to write exactly. I have seen a lot of tutorials but i cant still get it how it function to pass this lab? I have never work with it before but I have some knowdlage in python and matlab too. But this course is very important to me. If anyone can help me go through this please?!

I have updated your topic specifications to the course and assignment your issue is being raised for better and prompt response from respective course mentors.

Please elaborate on your issue? As I suppose if you are unable to write any codes for assignment or stuck with any error.

In which case you can share the image of your error without sharing any codes as it is against community guidelines to post any grader codes.


Thankyou for response. I have attached an image,its just the exercise without anything done by me. Now what should i do next? If you can instruct me furthmore please?

Can I know is this your first assignment in Deep Learning.AI?

One needs to have some understanding of python programming a bit on how to run a cell.

Please confirm the above.

As you read the notebook from top to bottom, you will see these numbered cells. Those contain code that you need to run. In some cases, you will need to add code to the cell so it does its job correctly.

The text in the notebook will tell you what each cell is doing.

For example, the cell where you posted the image is doing all of the setup tasks for creating your workspace for that assignment.

Follow the instructions in the notebook text, and complete the functions according to the instructions, anywhere where there is a code comment that says "#### START CODE HERE ####'.

That’s the basic outline of what you should do with a notebook.

Some of the notebooks are ungraded labs which are already completely written for you. These generally are examples that demonstrate some materials from the lectures. For an ungraded lab, you don’t have to write any new code, you just read the instructions and run the cells.

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Thanky for answering. I really didn’t understand what to do first. I keep doing run in this notebook but it always finishes with 0 scores. Do i have to open this in python above the notebook or just run it here? Yes,is my first notebook. I have a few information in python and matlab but here i didnt understand what to do thats all.

Hello @Oltiana_Seitaj,

if this is your first assignment and have never done coding then I would first encourage you to do Python course to have intermediate understanding about functions and writing basic python code, as AI for Medical Diagnosis requires little better understanding of statistics as well as programming.

This is only my personal suggestion.

Another thing that would help is trying search how to do assignment in Coursera Jupyter Notebook on Youtube to just a get jist on how to start.


@Oltiana_Seitaj In addition to what has already been mentioned, you may want to checkout some of the documentation on Jupyter notebooks. Dealing with notebooks may not be very intuitive at the beginning. For example, you need to click run on each block of code or comments. As mentioned above, you should add your code where you are requested to do so. Then, you run that cell and move on. Please note that the cells/blocks need to be run in order, and some cells will not work if previous cells did not execute properly. I hope this helps. Good luck!