C1_W1_Assignment cannot submit

Hi everyone,

I faced a problem when submittied my C1_W1_Assignment. I post the issue as below,
Anyone can help? Thank you.

Hey @Ningchen,
Welcome to the community. I guess you have posted this discussion in the wrong section. Can you please let us know which specialization are you talking about? Also, can you use the little pencil icon next to the title, in order to place it in the correct section? If you are unable to do so, let me know, I will do it for you.

As for the error, based on your screenshot, it means that the first graded function in your code is incorrectly implemented. Please ensure that you have passed all the test-cases in the assignment. Another thing to look out for is hard-coded variables, in which case, you might pass the test-cases in the notebook, but fail to pass the grader. I hope this helps.