AI Journey for a beginner

Hi all,

I am a Java backend developer. I have recently started exploring AI. Could someone please tell me what should be the best way to learn AI in 2024 ? There are so many terms out there related to AI. So what should be the best roadmap to lean it considering current trends and future scope.

Thanks in advance.

Our specializations here, Machine Learning and Deep Learning SPecializations should be a good start I think!

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Hi @Dishant_Sharma,

You can start first with the Machine Learning Specialization that @gent.spah suggested.

Thank you @gent.spah , @Nydia for your reply.

I was really confused with so many terms out there. Will start with Machine Learning.

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You can check out the book call Grokking Machine Learning by Luis Serrano. The author is well known to be able to explain complex concept in easy terms. Take a look. He also one of the instructor in Math for Machine Learning Specialization.

Thank you @chuaal for your reply. Sure will check it out.

I started last month by attending a BootCamp.
the learning path i think:

  1. Python, i did cs50python
  2. Math for ML, like calculus, linear algebra, matrices, statistics
  3. ML, cs229 2018 andrew Ng, or maybe better use ML Specialization
  4. DL, deep learning specialisation, here i am now
  5. may be NLP, computer vision, or anything you interested in
  6. may be MLOps.
    7 etc
    Disclaimer, i don’t know if that is a good path, may be there are better path to follow.
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Just a note. Although Cs229 is what everyone had recommended for Machine Learning. Many students in Stanford had “struggle” with the intense maths involved. Some instead recommend taking Andrew Ng ML Specialization follow by DL Specialization. Stanford CS231n is also a very resource. Many would put cs229 at the last unless one want to go more on the ML mathematical part and wiling to spend the time on it. My own opinion only