AI learning Path for Consultants and Managers


I work for Kyndryl as Director for Technical Business Development. My job is pretty much on the frontline and I deal mainly with Enterprise clients on the CXO level. I am no newbie to AI but would like to get a recommendation on which courses (with certifications) I can take to become an expert on the topic from a management perspective. Thanks for your support

Hello @Knut_Seifert,
Welcome to the Discourse Community. Thanks a lot for creating this post and asking this question. I would recommend you to complete AI for Everyone course.
AI for Everyone is a non-technical course offered on Coursera that provides a comprehensive overview of AI technologies and their impact on society. The course covers basic AI concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks, as well as their use cases and applications. It also explores concerns surrounding AI, including ethics, bias, and job displacement. The course is designed for individuals who want to understand AI technologies and spot opportunities to apply them to problems in their own organizations. The course is taught by Prof. Andrew Ng, a leading AI researcher and educator, and is part of the DeepLearning.AI program. The course is free to audit, and a certificate is available for a fee.
After completing AI for Everyone, I think it would be meaningful to complete either the Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization or the Deep Learning Specialization. Mathematics for Machine Learning is a beginner friendly program. The Deep Learning Specialization requires a bit of math, including linear algebra and calculus, as well as programming experience. The courses in the specialization use Python, so familiarity with the language is also helpful. The first course in the specialization covers foundational concepts of neural networks and deep learning, so some prior knowledge of these topics is recommended. While there are no strict prerequisites for the specialization, having a basic understanding of math and programming will make it easier to follow the material.
I hope I was able to help you with choosing which course to take.

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Thanks @canxkoz for this recommendation. And thanks to @Knut_Seifert for asking this. I was wondering about the sequence of how to tackle this.