Just finished AI for Everyone course

Hi all,
I have just finished “AI for Everyone” course, and I found it really interesting altought very basic.

I am a professional in Purchasing but I have a strong background into Engineering, Computer Science and Electronics, with an history of C++ coding and teaching at university.

Which should be the next step in learning?
Which is the best course to take part?


Machine Learning Specialization and then Deep Learning Specialization.


Thanks for the feedback @saifkhanengr

Looking at the course presentation, seems a little bit hard for me. :cry:

Anything between “AI for everyone” and “Machine Learning specialization”?


although I’m not a mentor, but for my experience i found very helpful to start the M4ML before the ML specialization, so that you could understand behind the scenes. I’m doing the last course of the M4ML specialization and it’s making a lot more sense to me know how and why I’m using certain things, then I wanna do the ML specialization, then DL that’s my plan.

We may not have similar background, I’m medical professional, Anesthesiology, but yours is different since you had good background of programming and CS staffs better to take different ideas specially from the mentors.



Note that “M4ML” is the “Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data Science” course.


In addition to the previous valuable feedback:

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All the best for your further learning journey and happy learning, @Alberto_Di_Candia!

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