Finishing Math for ML/AI - looking for advice on next course

I really love this stuff.

Next, I see:

deep learning specialization
gans specialization
natural language processing
machine learning engineering for production
tensorflow: data and deployment specialization.

I suppose I was wondering if a course like machine learning engineering for product or tensorflow data and deployment specialization might be better than jumping into deep learning, natural language processing, or gans.

Or in general, would love to hear how people might think about these. As far as personal goals, I just want to learn about AI. It’s all really cool to me and I’ve done a little fine-tuning from a work perspective

Here’s the sequence I recommend:

  • Machine Learning Specialization.
  • Deep Learning Specialization.

Then, what to take next depends on your personal goals.


Hi @helloimderic

Welcome to the community.

From my point of view, machine learning engineer it is a more advance course i would rather choose a intermediate one before to move on to the next level

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I agree with @elirod suggestion. ML engineering should be left after.


I finished the Machine Learning first. It’s what hooked me!

Thanks for the welcome and the input. I wanted to be prudent if it helped but I’m happy to follow my curiosity too.