Becoming an ML engineer

Hi, I am seeking to become an ML engineer. After completing the basics of Python, Pandas and numpy I have (to my knowledge) completed the basics of Machine learning and Deep learning. I also completed the following course about scikit learn for ML ( ) and of tensor flow ( ) . Now I am confused as to what should I be doing next. Most things which I searched lead to a data scientist but I am seeking to build a career in AI

I am a 17 year old. Currently doing my A-levels so please keep in mind while referring to tutorials that as a student I earn barely enough to cover my daily expenses and cannot afford costly tutorials and courses.

thanks in advance for your valuable insights and suggestions


Which DeepLearning.AI courses have you completed?

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Hi @Shoe_niverse,
Welcome to our community, we are happy to have you. I see you have completed some YouTube courses. Now, try some projects based on ML and DL it will help you to understand deeply some topics. Also, projects play a huge role to grabs a good job. Always feel free to ask any doubt you incur in the future. All the best!

deeplearning specilization

Apart from the ones made in the tutorials such as Handwritten digit classification, iris dataset. I made 2 projects titanic survival prediction. house prices prediction based on Boston housing dataset from Kaggle and now I was planning to make amazon product recommendor

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Building a recommendation system is a good choice. Try to build an end to end project. Build the model, convert it to website and also deploy it to server. You can also use Streamlit and can host your model in Heroku like platform.

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Any updates on what you have been able to do

I Completed an end-to-end potato disease classification. Then I have moved on to improving my knowledge. I am currently on the last course of Deep learning specialization ‘Sequence models’ offered by deeplearning.AI. I was able to secure financial aid so that worked for me. After completing it I plan to undertake the tensor flow specialization


wishing you all the best bro
how did you start your project tho like you are following some kind of a tutorial or a course or you build from scratch?

Thanks. I got the idea and the dataset link from this YouTube link


Cool, thank you.