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Hi There,

My name is Ahmed. 23 years old, from Egypt.
I’m a fresh graduate mechanical engineer and very interested in AI and machine learning.
Honestly, I don’t have a big picture of this Field and how it’s related to my field of study (mechanical engineering).

So I hope that anyone has a good experience with that tells me what to do and what to focus on.

best regards,

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Hi Ahmed, im in the same situation, need some path, and some projects to start

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Unfortunately, Very little content online about that. So we should go to someone with experience in the field to help and give us the road map to start.

I recommend you start by attending some courses.
The Machine Learning Specialization is a good starting point.

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im starting with the deep learning Specialization

@padrinis, how are your Python skills?

i would say, basic

im already in the course 3 in the deep learning courses (its been hard)

The MLS course provides a more gentle introduction to Python. DLS jumps right into the middle (and it gets deeper as you proceed).

thats why its being hard :sweat_smile:
will start the MLS after this shorter third course

What do you recommend, doing MSL and next DLS, and after the two courses what i can do to get a job? and to become really good

Sorry, I can’t give career advice.

To become really good, you need experience. That means taking a lot of courses in topics that interest you, and working on a lot of extra projects.

Kaggle is a good resource, and you can get lots of datasets online for free to practice on.

Thank you for the help, just one more thing, you know any good dataset online for free to practice on, that can give me a lot of knowledge?


Search for the “UCI Machine Learning Repository”.