Guys can help me in a thing that I am not able to get it after doing research?

Well that’s might sounds stupid but I am really got confused after researching about the starting point of the career in the field of AI and advance tech. I am a college student and learning about AI\ML right now after that I will learn more after as I have create a study plan but the problem is that the study syllabus is not for a beginner like me. That’s why I am asking for the help of you guys who are more into it and are seniors. Thank You! I really appreciate your help.

Particularly for ‘so called’ AI I feel you should like-- Or be good at, or be willing to learn math.

It is basically all math.

Second, a sound understanding of computers and programming. You don’t have to know how everything works, but the more you know about theory/structure helps. Of course this includes learning some languages, of which Python is an easy one (i.e. you will never have to learn about ‘pointers’).

Thirdly, and this really is the hardest one for which to provide references, you have to find the skill and the patience to sit down and compose a problem or challenge into its essential parts.

You could probably be ‘just fine’ as a practitioner with the first two, but I feel the third is what you’d need to advance.

I have learned Java(Blue J) and Python. I do have a lot of patience and I’m eager to learn and develop skills.
Thank You for the advice sir, I really appreciate it. Stay Blessed.