Getting a job AI or Data Analytics

Hi, I have many specialization courses and professional certificates. I think I now have what is needed to move into this field. Any advice on how to get in the door?

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Hi @John_Lambert ,

One first thought: Besides the certificates, what practical experience will you bring to the table?

What problems have your solved? what were the results?

Do you have experience in deploying models to production?

What type of datasets have you created/manipulated?

If I were a recruiter, I would probably approach my interview like that.

If you are lacking on these experiences, my suggestion would be: get your hands dirty with projects.

One great source to get involved in projects: Pick one project that you think you can tackle, and get on with it. You’ll learn a lot by doing and from others, and you’ll gain hands-on experience.




Hi Juan.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

Yes I don’t have practical experience. I am on Kaggle and was thinking of doing just what you suggested.
I took two more courses that I thought would help make my understanding of machine learning more solid.
Another thing that I was thinking of doing was the Google AI certificate exam.
But I think it is time to get stuck in now and get a job in this field.
I’ll complete this course and then start Kaggle projects.

Many thanks Juan for the advice.


Absolutely! I wish you the best on this journey! You are onto great things and at the right time!

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Mister Juan.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Greatly appreciated.
The nice thing about this AI stuff is that I am actually interested in it.
I think that is how I have done so many courses.
Time for action.

One question. So I believe that this is an area that is expanding all the time.
Do you believe that this is the case too?

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I think so - AI is expanding and, in my opinion, now more than ever. :slight_smile:

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Hi Juan.

Many thanks again.

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My guy, the best advice is to get a Driver/Navigator: that’s, if you are a Navigator/Driver, so as to help you on your path.
Humble advice tho.

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Thank you for sharing your insights on how to get a ML job as a starter. I am also in this category.