Looking for an entry level position

Hello everyone.
I want to know what are best practices/ advices you can give to someone with no professionnel experience in ML/ data science but completed several certifications/ projects in the field.looking to land his first job ( remote specifically).
Happy learning.


Hi @hicham.ai

I would recommend you to keep doing some real world projects and try to showcase them on your GitHub or any portfolio website.

Also, try to participate in some competition on Kaggle, reaching out on LinkedIn to work with your network on some exciting cool stuff.

Getting very first job in ML could be a bit tricky, as companies require you to have in detail business understanding as well apart from having good ML skills. But it is possible and keep working hard to do some real world projects or internship (if possible).

Hope you achieve your goal soon. Keep learning, keep growing! :slight_smile:


I’m in the same situation as you. I need to get employment very soon.

I would also recommend trying to do projects on Upwork or some other freelancing site as long as they are asking for someone with little to intermediate experience.


What is “in detail business understanding?” Like you need to know what the particular industry is like? Or are you talking about having some understanding of business courses?

I am talking more in the sense about the behaviour of an iduatry and having knowledge about behaviour of that industry.

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Hi @hicham.ai !

I can understand the difficulty of landing the first data science job. I have been there too. And it will get better and better once you have more work experience. :smile:

In my opinion, I would also recommend you find a mentor in data science. Since you already have a great foundation after completing several certificates & projects, you just need to interact more often with people who actually work in the industry and understand/explain concepts from a real data scientist/ML engineer’s view. In the real work environment, I find a data scientist usually needs to communicate a lot with different teams perhaps with less or zero technical background. It’s always good to grow a data scientist mindset and bring it to the work environment! People would love to hear your insights and creative ideas. :star_struck:

In addition, when I started, I found a great community called SharpestMinds and I love their mentorship program very much. It gave me a great amount of guidance when I was really confused about what to learn and how to start. Maybe you could have a check too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally, here’s a great article I would love to share with you:

Hired as Your Company’s First Data Scientist? 3 Things You Should Know on Day 1 (Initiating a Culture Change & Avoiding Common Pitfalls)

Hope it helps! :partying_face:


Hi @KyoCheng !

I find this post very interesting. I’m currently searching for a mentorship program, but unfortunately, as a resident of the EU, I’m not eligible to be a part of the SharpestMinds community, which requires participants to be located in the US or Canada. Could you recommend any other communities that may be suitable for me?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Greta, I will keep my eyes open incase I come across a mentorship program that’s open to the EU/Global.

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