What course next

I just finished the maths for machine learning two courses while the final course, probabilities and statistics, comes up in March. I enjoyed the maths course so much that I want to go further in my machine learning and AI learning journey. I found the deeplearning.AI course list intimidating, so I have come here for help.
I am a literal beginner to AI but want to learn everything there is so I can use it in a career perspective.
What course should I take next after taking the maths for machine learning course?
Thanks in advance for your contributions.

Hi @Emekadavid,
I am not sure what courses you have taken so far, but usually we can take the Machine Learning Specialization, then Practical Data Science, and then the Deep Learning Specialization. If you have started those courses, then you might want to consider The Tensorflow courses. Hope that helps!

Hi @Emekadavid! Congratulations on completing two math courses.

As Samuel suggested, the Machine Learning Specialization is a great starting point. I highly recommend reading this conversation. It will be incredibly beneficial to you!