AI Projects Category Description

Category Description:

Welcome to the Share Your AI Projects forum! This is a place where you can share your personal AI projects with the community. We encourage you to post about any aspect of your project, from the initial idea to the final product. We also encourage you to comment on and discuss other people’s projects.

What to post in this category:

  • Project announcements: Let the community know about your new AI project.
  • Project updates: Share your progress on your current AI project.
  • Project demos: Show the community what your AI project can do.
  • Project code: Share the code for your AI project, so that others can learn from it and collaborate with you.
  • Project questions: Ask the community questions about your AI project.
  • Project feedback: Get feedback from the community on your AI project.

How to use this category:

  • When posting, please include a descriptive title and a clear description of your project.
  • Use the appropriate tags to help people find your post.
  • Be respectful of other users and their projects.
  • Participate in discussions and help others with their projects.

Examples of Posts:

  • I’m working on a new AI model to generate realistic images of faces. Here’s a demo of my current progress.
  • I’ve built a chatbot that can answer questions about a specific topic. I’m looking for feedback on how to improve it.
  • I’m collaborating with other members of the community on a new open-source AI library. Here’s a link to the GitHub repository.
  • I’m writing a blog post about my experience training a large language model. Here’s a sneak peek.
  • I’m having trouble with a specific aspect of my AI project. Can anyone help me out?

We look forward to seeing your AI projects!


I am glad to see these post thread, I only worry about the reaction part although!!! :slight_smile:

Anyways it is great move to keep learning and improving.

Thank you Community Learning.AI


Hi Deepti. Could you elaborate?

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Hi Gio,

Can I know if I can put forth any post looking for collaborator for any ai project I want to work on in this section?

Or can I ask for suggestion on my model idea from our fellow mentors in this closed group??

or if this is only to post AI projects??

Thank you

All of the above. We would like to have as much open collaboration as we can and find rules that will not restrict too much.

For example:

We cannot share complete codes or answers from our courses in any github or webpage.


Hi @Community-Team,

I have a suggestion. If i logged into this space and I wanted to post an AI project that I am working on, then the last thing I want is for everyone to view and comment on it.

Let me explain. I would prefer if there was an initial description of the project, the objective, and what I am looking for in the collaboration process. If someone is interested, then he/she can ask to be added to the project, and the owner of the project accepts or not and gets access to view it. This will make the process more selective, unique, professional, and helpful.

This will allow the members of the project to coordinate and work together and encourage collaboration.



Awesome idea - looking forward to jumping in. :slight_smile:

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