AI - Why should you want to know about it?

In the current scenario with the overlapping of Internet Cos and AI Cos, it is sometimes little difficult to understand the specific rolls of each. Keeping this in mind, as a business person how much understanding of AI is needed to work out solutions for business in future. Would like to understand that

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As a business person, you should only know if the task you want to perform using AI is feasible or not, something we call as business diligence. Before setting goals for development of an AI system, you should first see what are the common grounds or the intersection between your task and the tools and resources you have at that point of time to execute your task. It’s also important to see if it’s even beneficial to take up that goal cause investing a lot of resources without getting much benefit is not going to help ! Moreover, you should try to keep regular touch with your AI team in order to discuss what goals are important and what should you work on. In my personal opinion, one should have atleast enough knowledge to understand the feasibility of the task and what effects and amount of resources are going to be involved in that task / project. Moreover, you should also try to gain a bit more knowledge of AI in your specific field of business.

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I feel like what you would need to understand about AI to work out solutions for business in the future is first what is possible and what is not. After that, you can begin to draw out common problems you believe AI can solve in your business ventures, just like @Amit_Shukla said.

Only when you understand what can be done with AI can you proceed to find out if your problems intersect with the possibilities that AI has to offer at that moment. This will help greatly in the efficient planning and implementation of your business solutions/decisions.