Choosing an AI project - business limitations

For “Choosing an AI project”, week 2 discusses exploring what is at the intersection of AI capabilities (which as other discussions pointed out has grown since this course went live) and what is valuable for your business

I would argue a third dimension is missing here, which is what is your organization capable of supporting (e.g. referencing W1 data readiness, talent and resource availability or budget to source, etc). Curious if anyone else agrees/disagrees? If you agree, what are business limitations that come to mind?


Hi Tinayazdi,

One concept to use may be the AI project canvas, which builds on the idea of the business model canvas. You can find an example here.

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Hi @Tinayazdi,

I definitely see where you’re coming from, the limitations of your business will greatly impact the effectiveness and even feasibility of whatever project you decide to take on. For example, your budget/revenue may not allow you to hire a team or even outsource the project, or it may also prevent you from being able to acquire proper equipment to allow your team to move as fast and as smoothly as possible.

However, I think the course is coming from the perspective of deciding whether or not AI will be valuable to your business in the first place, before thinking about if you have the resources to go for it. More along the lines of how it aligns with what is currently in place in your business, what problems can it solve, what impact will it have, and whether or not your needs can be addressed with the current capabilities of AI.

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Admin privileges is a problem for me at work. I do have my own web dev business but am still working on how to apply what I’m learning here


I agree with some point
But In weak 2 professor Andrew explained about the lower cost in business degilience (To work on AI project) and the amount of data needed which are coming under the Technical degilience is already explained by professor Andrew :slightly_smiling_face: