Algorithm suggestion for diverging data (severity/intensity analysis)

I have four datasets for four different accidents; each dataset has the same parameters. Some of the key parameters are changing their values from a “standard value”. The more they change these key parameter values, the more the intensity increases. I want to compare the intensity of four accidents. I don’t understand what algorithm to use. Please suggest any ML, DL, soft computing, or evolutionary algorithm.

I am already working on ANFIS (Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System), Please suggest more.

What is the “machine learning” aspect of your project?

Can your task be done by an application of statistical analysis?

It can be done, I don’t know what method to use. Please help.

I’m not sure why you need an algorithm at all. Just do a statistical analysis of each data set and compare the results.

What statistical analysis you are suggesting. Can you tell me more?

Mean and standard deviation would be a good place to start.

That’s all I can contribute to this, unless you can frame it as a machine learning question.

Supposing I have a parameter named average temperature, after 5 minutes the temperature is changed to some higher or lower value, though I have data for 300 seconds. But if I do standard deviation, that will be a lot odd (I have to categorize myself like this accident is more intense than that), and I want something automated. It will see the trend of my data and automatically say that it’s a more or less severe accident. If you worked with the fuzzy logic toolbox in Matlab, you can see how it provides results. But fuzzy logic is not very reliable!