All in one Summarisation app


A GPT based summarizer. Notable features include:

  • Summarises text from images, copy-pasted text/ audio translation with mic, webpages, documents & youtube videos
  • Identifies most important elements within the text
  • Adds relevant emojis to visually represent the essence of the text
  • Extracts keywords for quick reference & easy understanding

Please Note: Only English language is supported as of now.

Connect with me at

Kindly review & provide your feedback, would really help.

Ideas for summarisation: Financial table/ report, Medical report, Legal document. You can also use it in a meeting to transcribe in the text section with mic on & summarises the meeting.

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Hello @Rishi.b - Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

you can search a gen ai hackathon by google on hack2skill website.
you will get so many project idea to work and learn in real time
for more information please connect to me :

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