An excited junior

Hello there,
I’m Heba and I just joined the community after finishing Supervised Machine Learning course .
Im excited to start building models and working on projects that somehow on a beginner level, could u suggest me where to start from?
If there is anyone at the same stage please lets connect and move forward .

hi Heba, I am also new joiner in the community. Trying to learn Gen AI (basic course) and do more practice. I do not have any coding background. Hope this helps to colloborate well. Thanks. Venkat


Thanks Venkat. Good luck in your journey too. Dont hesitate to reach out for coding questions.

@Heba_22 Assuming you already completed Machine Learning Specialization. After this, you can start on some Kaggle projects. You can try to download some datasets and apply what you learn to the datasets. Concurrently, you can also start Deeplearning Specialization if you decide to know more on Deep Learning, CNN, RNN etc. This will set you off a good foundation for Gen AI, LLM , NLP etc. Hope this help. Thanks

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