Excited to join DeepLearning.AI community

Hello DeepLearning.AI community, I am excited to join the group. I am an AI Engineer and loves to work with LLMs. I am more focused on NLP tasks. Currently I work for a startup, and I am trying to implement LLM on-device. Previously I worked with many open-source LLMs, fine-tuned them, implemented RAG techniques and also worked as a Machine Learning Engineer where I had to also work on some software engineering tasks and backend tasks.


Hello I’m B and I am happy to join the community.

I am interested in Machine Learning, I have no experience. What would be the best course and beginner projects to learn from.

I’m looking to be able to find a job within the next 8 months to 1 year.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @Bog431 I would suggest you to firstly identify which part of ML you are more interested in, few of them are Recommender Systems, Time Series Analysis, Natural Language Processing or Computer Vision. After deciding the stream, I’ll suggest you learn the basics of ML later go towards the specialization that you are interested.

If you are interested in Natural Language Processing, will suggest you to learn basics of ML, i.e different supervised and unsupervised models, and how to work with them, followed by starting with NLP projects using nltk, spacy, followed by taking the free Huggingface course to understand the transformers, it’s architecture and how to use them for your project. Next would suggest you always update yourself with the news of NLP community by following people in Linkedin who most prominent in this field, Ex. Andrew Ng, along with subscribing to the newsletters, ex: [The Batch] (The Batch | DeepLearning.AI | AI News & Insights). Lastly would suggest you to do short courses from Deeplearning.

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