Answer_question C4W3_Assignment updated


In the updated TensorFlow version of the week3’s assignment, I obtain a strange grading outcome for the answer_question function (Task 3).

The implemented function produces expected outputs. So it seems to be implemented well. Then it says “All tests are passed”, but then it follows with a bunch of WARNINGs:

However, when I submit my assignment, I get 0 for this task, and I beliebe that happens because of those WARNINGs.

Is anyone else working on the udpated assignment and getting similar WARNINGs?
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi @EgNLP! Can you share your notebook via DM to me and I’ll take a look at your implementation?

Done! Thank you for your help.

The issue in this case was that a global variable was being used instead of the provided parameter inside a graded function.