Anyone else having jupyter notebook rendering issues in VSCode?

I downloaded the Jupyter notebooks to run in VSCode. Most of the notebooks run and display all the pictures and formulas without issue. Occasionally I run into this error in sections that are displaying formulas:

quick google search suggests it has to do with Latex in markdown? But I’m not sure how to fix it. Do I need another vscode extension, a vscode setting, or something else?

Sorry, I’ve not tried to use VSCode for these assignments.

Maybe there is a forum for VSCode users on the internet somewhere.


VsCode uses KaTeX to parse LaTeX.

In LaTeX there a command called \mbox: \mbox - Tex Command

Unfortunately \mbox command is not supported in KaTeX so the error happens.

Any idea how to make this work in VSCode then?

You can replace the \mbox command with ~ if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise I suggest viewing the lab in the coursera environment.