Parse Error: KaTex parse error: Exprected & or \\ or \cr or \end at end of input: ...$}

Hi everyone. I have a problem with downloaded jupyter. The math markdown usually doesn’t work well in my jupyter in the VSC environment. I know we should work in the lab environment but it’s more intuitive for me to work on my computer. Do you guys have any experience fixing the ParseError: KaTeX parse error?

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Dear RealKhan,

Could you please give more info, for example the code cell where this error occurs?


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Hey @RealKhan,
Welcome to the community. Perhaps some of the following resources might help:


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Hi Julian, here’s the screenshot of the problem. There’re quite a few more that I could navigate to fix but not this one. Thanks a lot.

@Julian_Vogel Actually, I found that running the Jupyter note on the local server directly on the browser doesn’t have this markdown problem. Thanks for your interest in helping but I might decide to switch to the browser instead of visual studio code.

Dear @RealKhan,

I am glad to hear that you could find a fix for your problem. I had a quick look at your example and could not find the problem, either. Yes, it’s probably easier to use Jupyter Notebook in the browser than going through the code and modify the Latex code.

Best Regards,

FYI. Visual Studio Code is also my preferred IDE mostly because of intellisense. The Latex commands did not render initially but does so now. I’m guessing I installed a python library that started working correctly? Unfortunately not sure which library if any caused the fix.

Also, some of the tables created in C1_W1_Lab03 (for example) would not render correctly until I removed some of the html placed in the header portion of the table.

For example changed:

|General <img width=70/> <br />  Notation  <img width=70/> | Description<img width=350/>| Python (if applicable) |
|: ------------|: ------------------------------------------------------------||


|General Notation   | Description| Python (if applicable) |

and the table appears correctly in the IDE.

– Sam