Artur Kadirov

Location: Spain
a) Mental Development:

  1. Continuing Education
  2. Mental Exercises
    b) Physical Development Planning:
  3. Regular Exercise
  4. Healthy Diet
  5. Rest
  6. Preventive Care
    c) Spiritual Development:
  7. Spiritual Practice
  8. Meditation
  9. Self-exploration
  10. Connection with Nature
    d) Community:
  11. Teaching on my educational platform:
    • OpenAI Technology: ChatGPT, APIs, Artificial Intelligence
    • Programming languages: Python, Rust, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Frameworks: Tailwind, Bootstrap, Next.js, React.js
    • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
    • Quantum computing: Qiskit, Cirq, Quantum Development Kit (QDK), Ocean Software, Forest
      e) Development of my psychic or intuitive abilities:
  12. Reading and studying about spirituality and metaphysics
  13. Practice of intuition exercises, such as focused meditation
  14. Participating in workshops or retreats focused on intuitive growth and extrasensory perception
  15. Writing a journal of dreams and experiences to identify patterns or intuitive messages
  16. Performing mindfulness practices to improve awareness and sensitivity to internal and external signals
  17. Learning and applying energetic protection techniques to maintain a healthy and balanced psychic practice
  18. Collaborating and sharing experiences with a community of individuals interested in the development of psychic abilities

ABOUT ME: Passionate about continuous improvement, I focus on mental and physical development, cultivate spirituality, and share knowledge of advanced technology.