Asking about how to write code as in practice lab

I need to know how to write code and understand each line in the practice labs, is there any way to help me understand them, then write them in my own way

I recommend you take a course in Python programming.

Then you will be able to come back to this course and understand all of the code that is provided.

no, I know python but I don’t know the libraries that are used or the steps that are used in writing these codes

Hey @diaaesam123,
No worries. You can always check out the tutorials for each of the packages that are used in the course. For instance, the course extensively uses NumPy. You can find the tutorials for NumPy here. You can take a look at some of these, and once you get the basic idea, you can just take a look at the documentation whenever you encounter a new function being used from the library.

The same holds true for other packages. You will find that all the packages that the specialization uses, all well-developed packages and provide an extensive documentation and tutorials for the beginners. Let us know if this helps.


Hi @diaaesam123, please also check this out.

thanks so much for your help, I will definitely look at those tutorials

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You are welcome @diaaesam123 !