Asking questions about the quiz that i've done

Before this post started, i don’t want to spoil the answers, so can any mentor make this post as private so that it doesn’t spoil? Thanks.

That’s not possible to do all posts as far as I know are public, so provide the best you can without breaking the code of conduct.

Oh ok, so basically in Question 9 where it’s:

I’ve picked 2 options and the answer turns out to be 3 options. But i have to spoil my answer in order to know whether it’s correct or not.

Im not familiar with that quiz but its very rare that questions have wrong intended answers, I suggest you search as to why you think that answer is wrong or maybe another person can help here later on.

Oh no, what i meant is that i pick two options and turns out that that is correct, but i didn’t choose exactly 3 options. So i have 1 more options to choose, and i want to guess it, but that might spoil the answer.

Well, take a guess and see if you are right or wrong and then think why you thought that guess was right and find out why its wrong if its wrong :D.

Yea you’re correct, but it turns out that the question gets shuffled and unfortunately that question doesn’t appear in the 2nd attempt…

You could post the question here for discussion, someone could delve further into it I guess.

The way to keep a conversation private is to use the DM facility of Discourse (“Message”). You can send a private message to a single person or to a list of people.

There is one complicating factor here: there seems to be some kind of platform bug right now that causes problems with the quiz answers getting scrambled and not correctly matching the questions. Not sure if that is what is happening in your particular case, but something to keep in mind. Here’s a thread about this issue.

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