Assignment C4_W1NoneTypeError

Hi, I keep getting the “There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable” although I already saved the program, rebooted and updated the lab version too

Hi @Sandy_Phan.

Can you just confirm following behavior? You’ve restored your notebook completed, put the right code in, run complete notebook, your output is correct for all the exercises and still got the error?

BR Honza

Hi Honza, yes, I cleared all output, goggles, rebooted, updated lab in that order and my test passed all case but the grader doesn’t count them

@Sandy_Phan thanks for confirmation. BTW, welcome to the Community :wink:

I didn’t do this NLP specialization by myself, but I remember that grades is sometimes strange and even, if you think your code is right and you passed all tests there can be still a minor mistake in your code causing this.

So here possibilities:

  1. Share you notebook w/ any mentor from this NLP specialization, to check whether this is code problem or not. If your code is right (confirmed by a mentor) and still you cannot pass, go to point 2
  2. If this is Coursera grader problem, contact Coursera support for help

@Mubsi Could you please help w/ point 1? Many thanks!


Your error is basically mentioning there is a None left which needs to be replaced with your code. Check if any of previous cell have any None left.

Hi @Sandy_Phan!

Can you share with me privately your notebook (you may download it by clicking in “File → Download as → Notebok (.ipynb)”. Then DM it to me. I shall take a look.