W3- Programming Assignment: Neural Network with Two Layers

Once I submit this assessment I failed and got this message: There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object, But the thing is I do solve all the question correctly.

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Hey there @Wafa_Alajmi,

Please ensure that all functions in your code return the expected values and do not return None.

Also, Test cases in the notebook are not exhaustive. This means things like hard-coding or not considering all scenarios will not guarantee success across all scenarios. Your code should be flexible to handle various inputs as required by the assessment.

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This is one of the exercises that passed the test and yet not graded, I do not know what is the problem.

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Does anyone know what to do at this case?

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Hi @Wafa_Alajmi

These kind of submission failure can happen, if you have deleted any parts of codes outside of START AND END CODE HERE, or if you have missed running one of the cells.

Your Code is correct, and kindly remove the image you have shared as it contains codes from grade cell and posting it on public post thread is against community guidelines.

What you could do save and download a copy of this file, then get a fresh copy of assignment.

refer the saved copy and re-do the assignment by writing codes only where it is mentioned i.e. ###START AND END CODE HERE###

Make sure you run each cell one by one and not use run all option to run the cell.

Let me know if you still fail in your submission.


Tip that may be useful: You can’t grade a partially completed notebook. You have to complete the entire notebook before you submit it for grading.

Any 'None" statements left in the notebook will make the grader crash, and then it will post the same error message for every assignment. You can’t use the grader feedback to identify where the error is.

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Thank you! I removed the picture, I will try do your suggestion.

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Thanks! I will try this solution too, I did not solve the optional I think I might solve it.

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UPDATE, I run the all the cells individually then it works, and I passed the test.