Course 4 week 4 submission problem

I have the submission issue with my assignment :" Art Generation with Neural Style Transfer",
I tried all the methods in this Forum, but none of them works.
I always get 0/100 even I passes all
Could any body help me?
My lab id: yuixqoee


I have the same issue…

Did you get the error:

Cell #5. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: TypeError(‘cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object’)

I have a thread about the exact same thing!

Hey @caroline9895 really sorry to hear that. Can you share your full grader output ? Thanks.

Hey @Camerata314, it seems like you might be leaving a “None” somewhere in the assignment. Can you please check and confirm ? Thanks.

I just checked and I don’t think there are any None-s

No, I didn’t get such error

Sorry, I forgot to tag you, @Mubsi

Now it works.Thank you Mubsi

Awesome. Glad to know. Can you share what was the issue and what did you do to resolve it ? Thanks. As it might become helpful to others.

hmm, are you still facing the same issue ?


Thanks for reaching out!

Yeah, it is still giving me trouble.

I took your recommendation and tried to hunt down any None-s and I didn’t find any. Do you have any s
Other suggestions?

Thanks again for your help.



for my reference: to note