Assignment Submission_Grader output 75/100

Hey All my test cases are working fine and on validation as well, I am getting a successful validation. But on grading, I am getting 75/100. How can I understand what mistakes I have made so that I can learn and do better in upcoming assignments?

What does the grading submissions say, are there any parts that show errors? that’s where you start with debugging if when you did the assignment there were no errors at all?

It says there were hidden test cases or so, I tried to figure it out but wasn’t able to do so.

Hey @jatin_bhagat,
Can you please post a screenshot of the error that you have obtained from the grader? This will help us to situate the error. Most likely, from what you have described, for one or more than one exercises, you have passed the public test-cases, but failed the hidden test-cases.